We are lucky enough to have the support from some fantastic companies which we are thoroughly grateful for. 
We are always excited and willing to work with new people and businesses, so please don't hesitate to get in contact if this is something you would be interested in.

It is at the forefront of our minds when choosing products or brands to use on or with our horses, that the business who makes them has the horses best interests at heart, whilst obviously being as effective as possible. It is imperative to us that the companies and brands that support us take this as seriously as we do, and we wouldn't work with anyone who doesn't.

JR & Alex Kennedy at Belton 2019


Saddles & Accessories

Voltaire Design's mission is to enable everyone to fully express their potential, horses and riders.

They manage to perfectly harmonise pioneering innovative technology with effortless style, and they make this accessible to everyone.

They hold the accolade of having the lightest saddles on the market by 20%, a quality that is of pure benefit to the horse.

We were lucky enough to be approached by Voltaire Design at the end of 2018, with Alex having already ridden in the saddles for several years prior. She fell in love with Voltaire’s range, the option of second hand to fit everyone's budget & the biggest thing for her was having the flexibility to use the saddles on numerous horses without compromising the fit of the saddle for any one horse.

We love everything that Voltaire stand for and they have been incredibly generous and supportive to us as young event riders.

We are beyond proud to ride in their saddles and represent their brand.


Horse Feed

Dengie's philosophy completely revolves around the health and comfort of your horse. Their commitment to the nutritional care and well-being of your horses is the reason you can always rely on Dengie.

Their ethos also includes supporting the local farming community which is also a very important thing for those close to our family. They grow as many of their own ingredients as possible which keeps their ‘feed miles’ low and provides the best traceability possible – every bag of their horse feed can be traced back to the field it was grown in.

We are very proud to work with Dengie Horse Feeds. 

Their ethos matches ours and their belief and proof that most horses can perform to the best of their ability on a purely fibre diet was eye opening for us, as we were unsure at first given the traditional method of feeding we are taught always includes fibre mixed with other concentrate feeds.

Alex and Charlotte's horses compete up to CCI4* level on purely fibre diet, and if for any reason there is a horse requiring a little more energy, the simpleness of their daily feed allows for the easy addition of simple rolled oats or a similar straight feed, keeping the complexity to a minimum and only feeding the horses exactly what they need, which benefits the horses stomachs as well as the owners pockets!